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“I don’t want a mindless obedient dog the way I don’t want a mindless obedient wife.”

The above photo all began when I went out for a stroll post-lunch yesterday afternoon. I ate my lunch at my desk and longed to go outside, so I spent the lunch hour outdoors--all 60 minutes. The weather was too beautiful to give up. For my last stop, I reached this garden. Here, I found peace and tranquility. Birds were chirping. Leaves softly swayed with the light breeze. A man sat on a bench to my far left looking into the distance with a bike parked in front of him. A lady far off to the right of me in the

Washington Mews

 Washington Mews 60 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003 Breathtakingly beautiful. It's such a charming, darling place. I've passed by it several times but never decided to go in and take a peek...until today. During my post-lunch stroll, I couldn't help but go in, even for the three minutes I was there. I cannot wait to explore the other hidden alleys and small private streets in the near future. Let's learn a few quick facts while we're here: The northern half of the Mews was established in 1883 to house horses and carriages used by wealthy New Yorkers living in houses

Broadway Musical: Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland Musical Lunt-Fontanne Theatre 205 West 46th Street This happened yesterday evening! My friend who was invited by her friend, invited me to see this musical. (Thanks Yiqi.) At the beginning of the show, Barrie, a playwright (and a man who doesn't want to grow up) tries to brainstorm ideas for a play to save his career. He suffers from writer's block until he encounters four young boys  (George, Michael, Jack and Peter) in Kensington Gardens. Barrie runs along with their games and joins in on their little escapades. They have a mother, a widow, by the name of Sylvia (yes, that's
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Six Ways to Attempt a 200-word or Less Bio About Yourself

So a little over a year ago, I shared a post about six ways to write a better 200-word or less bio about yourself which was inspired after I got through several rounds of interviewing at a company I was so sure I wanted to work at. The post got really good responses from viewers via Tumblr here - 70 shy of 15,000 notes currently (you all are making me feel like a thousand bucks...I'm going to explode by dancing) and I thought an update was definitely necessary, you know, a tweak here and there. The application process for the company required me to write a

Koneko Cat Café (and 7 things I learned about cats)

Koneko Cat Cafe is America's first Japanese Cat Café. Oh and Koneko means "kitten" in Japanese. Koneko Cat Cafe 26 Clinton Street New York, NY 10002 (646) 370-5699 SO MANY adoptable cats roaming freely around three cat-centric spaces: The sunlit Upper Cattery, the warm and cozy Lower Cattery, and a first-of-its-kind outdoor Catio. The mission of Koneko is to find loving homes for the cats. I just visited their website here and learned that all the cats were pulled from the Animal Care & Control's "at-risk" list by their partner, Anjellicle Cats Rescue. Anyway, when you first arrive by the entrance of
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