Happy Friday! The weekend is here and that means time to relax for some and for others, it means more time to get out there and explore (I like a healthy mix of the two, of course). For those of you who want to venture out and do something, I have two spots for you to try if you’re around the NYC area and are looking for something to do!

837 Washington St
New York, NY 10014 (Between 13th St & Little W 12th St)
Meatpacking District, West Village

Whether you have own a Samsung phone or not, Samsung 837 is a really cool place to visit (not to mention it is FREE of charge besides the in-store donut + coffee shop) with very friendly and attentive staff. Usually, I’m not really big on visiting electronic stores like Samsung or Apple – it always feels too intimidating and pressuring. However, the ambiance felt open, roomy, and clean.

When you first walk in, you’ll see the latest Galaxy S7 on display. The camera quality and features (like low light ability) are so much better than the current S5 I have, without a doubt.

There were at least five different interactive exhibits and I tried every single one of them except for the selfie station titled ‘Photo Mosaic’ where you adjust the light box and take your picture, pull out your personal device and watch your photo mosaic appear on the screen. I really enjoyed the VR experiences – the helicopter experience where you overlook mountains full of snow and the rollercoaster ride experience in California are located on the first floor. The rollercoaster ride felt SO REAL that I was actually palm sweating and screaming for dear life. The chair moves and vibrates as if you were actually on a rollercoaster ride in California.  I have a weak stomach and rides that twist and turn upside down are not for me and I hate that reality so much. When it did that, I actually shut my eyes within their Samsung VR goggles.

The ‘Social Galaxy’ station was quite possibly my favorite. It’s an interactive art installation by experiential design studio Black Egg, founded by artist/director Kenzo Digital and creative technologist Lucas Werthein which brings your Instagram account to life. The staff made us put some cloth over our shoes before going in. I also had to enter my Instagram handle to take part in this two-part experience. Screens captured my past, mirrored my present, and projected my vision of the future. Two girls were in there with us and we got to see each other’s Instagram photos flash here and there with a guy’s voice in the background saying certain words like “gorgeous, beautiful, beautiful day”. Screens showed our Instagram hashtags, descriptions, photos, and videos. Every thought you’ve had or authored on Instagram, every moment you captured or posted rippled through the continuum of digital time and space. It was so fascinating. Seeing my posts like that gave me a new perspective to who I am as an individual and a social being.

On the second floor, there was a 360 room. It takes a 360-degree photo of you and the staff sends the picture to you via email. There are all sorts of cool gadgets on this floor. There was also a lounge area where you’re able to experience the sights and sounds of another country – Belgium, Thailand, etc – it was surreal when it felt like I was snorkeling right by the fish. We left before 7:00 p.m. and I think everyone was gathering around, taking seats and pulling chairs to watch a concert take place on the first floor (Nai Palm).

There are so many weekly events and upcoming events like yoga, meditation, 837 run club – check it out on their website here.

Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011 (Between 15th and 16 St)
Meatpacking District, Chelsea

I’ve been a New York native all my life, yet my first Chelsea Market visit happened 10 days ago. If you’re in the High Line area, a visit here is almost a must. It’s the perfect spot to explore and refresh over some nice eats. There are so many food options here and the famous old factory clock and the beautiful wishing well for you to tend to your Instagram habits. There is a chocolate shop as well as a seafood market to buy fresh produce like fish and lobsters which include a sushi counter to get your sushi and chowder craving satisfied.I was very hungry and it was already 7:30 p.m. We decided to give Los Tacos No.1 a try. There was a HUGE line and it took roughly 30 minutes. The line did move relatively fast. The tacos are filled with some cilantro and guac. I recommend getting the especial (fried cheese) quesadilla, the Carne Asada taco, and the Adobada taco. You can also get as much hot sauce, salsa, and lime as you desire by the counter.

Luckily we found some seats to eat our dinner. I recommend this place to local New Yorkers and/or tourists. Yes, this place can get very crowded (I don’t do too well with crowds) but it is worth the time and experience. People were generally in good, high spirits here.

So if you are searching for something to do this weekend, consider walking the High Line, visiting the Samsung 837 location to cool off, then rehydrating and filling your belly at Chelsea Market!

Your turn…how are you keeping busy? What are some cool spots to visit? Leave me a comment down below or tag me on Instagram @justviasyl if you find something cool!

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