Washington Mews

 Washington Mews
60 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003

Breathtakingly beautiful. It’s such a charming, darling place. I’ve passed by it several times but never decided to go in and take a peek…until today. During my post-lunch stroll, I couldn’t help but go in, even for the three minutes I was there. I cannot wait to explore the other hidden alleys and small private streets in the near future.

Let’s learn a few quick facts while we’re here:

  • The northern half of the Mews was established in 1883 to house horses and carriages used by wealthy New Yorkers living in houses on Washington Square North
  • ‘Mews’ mean row of stables
  • MacDougal Alley, Stuyvesant Street, and Washington Mews were originally part of a Lenape trail which connected the Hudson and East Rivers
  • It is a private street though it seems as if the gates are always open (the street isn’t a public passageway)…so I guess we’ve been trespassing
  • New York University held the lease of these buildings since 1949 and uses the buildings for residential, academic, and business purposes!
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