I found a small bag of my thrifted clothes by my bed. THRIFT STORES. I love thrifting so much and I visited two thrift stores recently. Thrifting should have popping deals and be fun. I had tons of that with two recent gems of shops I visited. So why not share? I had twenty dollars in my pocket, purchased three items, and had three dollars left over.

1. Unique Boutique
2588 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11102
Screenshot_2016-08-02-10-38-11 (1)

I stopped by before checking out Astoria Night Market last Saturday. I enjoyed Unique Boutique so much. It’s a cutesy place with nice decor and friendly staff (see the second photo: he wanted to be in my photo since he saw me snapping some photos). There are many common brands found here (Express, Forever21, H&M, Gap, L.L.Bean, Charlotte Russe, etc). Items can be a hit or miss kind of thing – some are old fashion and casual/plain styles, but hey, that’s the thrifting experience: dig for the treasures! There are short sleeve shirts on the top rack and tank tops on the bottom. There are women sections for jeans, skirts, dresses, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts – very easy to navigate. I visited around 6:35 p.m. and stayed for a good 40 minutes. They have one fitting room with a mirror that limits customers to three items, but I had five and went in (there was no one else really). You can find books, $2 CDs, $3 DVDs that are unopened, and even stuffed animals. There are chairs for you to sit in and relax in at the back of the shop. I ended up treating myself to a polka dotted shirt (L.L.Bean) and a work dress for what I thought to be $18. The best part? The store is 50% off the tagged prices….so it came out to be $9!!! What a great deal. I smiled for the rest of the evening.

2. Urban Jungle
118 Knickerbocker St
Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Between Thames St & Flushing Ave)
East Williamsburg, Bushwick Urban Jungle. When I first walked in, it was like a big industrial space kind of feel with walls covered in vintage posters and decorations. I love me some vintage. I honestly didn’t know where to start. They have so many sections. There’s a section for denim jackets (I’ve been wanting one for so long), denim jeans, abstract print shirts, polos, shorts, dresses, etc. The clothing is not organized according to size, so it’ll definitely take some time to sift through the sections. There are a few unmonitored dressing rooms with no mirrors or hooks inside. You can try the item on and open the door and check yourself out in the large communal mirror by the dressing rooms (though a ton of people waiting for the dressing rooms may all look at you). Clean, huge, a variety of styles to choose from…what more can I say? I purchased a 90’s looking floral skort from here for $8. I wore it last week with a white tank and felt all fabulous. Everyone here had an excited and overwhelmed look on their face while patiently combing through aisles of clothing and accessories. Relaxing shopping experience with a plethora of selection at sweet prices. I can’t wait to check it out again.

Let me know if you go to check one of these spots and what kind of gems you find!

♡ Sylvia

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3 years ago

I would really like to visit the second place if I ever get to New York.
Thank you

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