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10 Ways to Write a Better Resume

Resumes. Now that school is out or almost out, you're probably seeking an opportunity, be it an internship, a summer job, or a full-time role. How does one page displaying your education, skills and experience stress you out like that? Why is a resume one of the most equitable way to consider applicants? I can’t even tell you how many times I have altered my resume(s) during college and post-graduation–saving, renaming, editing and saving again before submitting it in for an internship or a job. Currently, I work with MBA students, Career Coaches and Relationship Managers in a Career Services
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Beyond Sushi (Midtown West)

Green Root Noodle Salad (green tea noodles, seaweed salad, roasted almonds, sesame seeds, parsley, cilantro, and ponzu sauce)Mighty Mushroom Roll (six-grain rice, enoki mushrooms, baked tofu, braised shiitake, micro arugula with shiitake truffle sauce)The Badge dumplings (charred cabbage, onion, garlic, bell peppers, carrots, sesame oil topped with chili panko, cilantro, and Ponzu sauce) Ponzu sauce is a citrus-based sauce that is tart, thin, and watery; commonly used in Japanese cuisine.Spicy Mang roll (black rice, avocado, mango, English cucumber, topped with spicy veggies, and toasted cayenne sauce) Beyond Sushi 62 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 (Between 5th Ave &

Central Park

Central Park New York, NY New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (212) 310-6600 Central Park. So gorgeous and relaxing on a warm, sunny day like today. Green. Nature. Peace. You have people on horse carriages, people playing soccer, picnics, tanning, jogging and/or running, friends catching up with old or new friends and/or significant others, selfie-takers, wedding shoots, bicycle riding, cloud-watching, reading, dog-walking, children laughing, and then you have humans like me- people-watching. There's so much to do here. Good for all age groups. Such a great escape from the usual hustling and bustling of the city. Central Park,
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“I don’t want a mindless obedient dog the way I don’t want a mindless obedient wife.”

The above photo all began when I went out for a stroll post-lunch yesterday afternoon. I ate my lunch at my desk and longed to go outside, so I spent the lunch hour outdoors--all 60 minutes. The weather was too beautiful to give up. For my last stop, I reached this garden. Here, I found peace and tranquility. Birds were chirping. Leaves softly swayed with the light breeze. A man sat on a bench to my far left looking into the distance with a bike parked in front of him. A lady far off to the right of me in the

Washington Mews

 Washington Mews 60 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003 Breathtakingly beautiful. It's such a charming, darling place. I've passed by it several times but never decided to go in and take a peek...until today. During my post-lunch stroll, I couldn't help but go in, even for the three minutes I was there. I cannot wait to explore the other hidden alleys and small private streets in the near future. Let's learn a few quick facts while we're here: The northern half of the Mews was established in 1883 to house horses and carriages used by wealthy New Yorkers living in houses
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