Welcome back to another Sunday post!

I’ve been trying to start and end my days with at least an hour of “me time”. It has been a great way for me to practice self-care and self-love and just disconnect from all the technology that surrounds us.

Friday involved working from home and catching up with some friends over a video chat later that night.

Yesterday involved whipping up a delicious brunch – hummus, ground beef, eggs with some leftover cashew nuts and flat bread, some exercise, and more binging of a TV show (not going to mention it because I really rather you all not waste your time with this one).

Today involved doing a face mask, making a simple and tasty breakfast (eggs, forest ham, salami and raisin pecan bread), binging the rest of the reality TV show which I will not name, and doing absolutely nothing else. I really needed this.

Are you giving yourself the me time you need? Everyone’s activities around self-care may differ as self-care can be categorized in many buckets.

6 Types of Self-Care You Need to Know | Self compassion, Self care ...

No one category is better than another. Whatever relaxes you, puts you in a good mental and physical state of mind, do that! For some, it might be journaling, for others it might be playing an instrument, learning a new hobby, stretching, reading, coloring, lighting a candle, listening to music or a motivational podcast, taking a nice shower/bath, video games, skincare, drinking tea, drawing, painting, taking a good nap, watching a movie, or meditating/breathing deeply.

I hope you’re taking the time you need to relax and have some well deserved time to yourself!

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