A little over a month ago, Influenster sent me their Glowin20s Vox Box for complimentary testing purposes. It’s like they read my mind that I need to look into getting a new moisturizer to implement into my skincare routine. Thanks for having my back, Influenster. So far, I haven’t received any products that disappointed! I have been LOVING my Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Pro Collagen moisturizer. Bliss released their newest skincare collection: the Bright Idea Collection about a month and a half ago – all centered around the skin benefits of Vitamin C.

The Bright Idea Vitamin C + Pro Collagen moisturizer has become my new go-to every morning and night for the past month.

First impressions? “Holy cow, the packaging is simple and cuuuute! I love the bright-orange color and I already cannot wait to try this out!! Oh my goodness, it smells like a subtle orange–very citrus-y.” This is still how I feel every time I use it.

What it is: A cruelty-free and vegan high-tech moisturizer containing non-irritating form of vitamin C and a patented tri-peptide to boost skin’s natural elasticity while delivering intense hydration.

Benefits: Promote skin elasticity, hydrate, and brighten the skin; visible plumping effects while protecting skin collagen.

Skin Type(s): All skin types

Directions: Massage onto clean skin for a brighter, more even-toned complexion. Use morning and night. Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

This product is so pleasant and amazing. It goes on the face perfectly and soaks in quickly before I apply my BB primer cream in the morning. It makes my skin feel rejuvenated and I feel like I look less tired. P.S. the mellow orange scent is to die for – it honestly makes my morning and nighttime routine so much more delightful (it’s subtle and not at all overbearing or strong).

The consistency of this product is also lovely. It’s not too runny or too thick, although I would say it leans toward a thicker formula (but not at all greasy) and a little product goes a long way. It feels ultra lightweight on the skin, leaves my skin feeling baby smooth, and I feel like it also gives me a glow that lasts all day. What else could I ask for?

Final verdict: Wow, this is a must-need moisturizer in your skincare routine!
+ I have sensitive skin and this product hasn’t given me any issues at all.
+ This will probably become a new staple in my routine and would totally purchase on my own once it runs out. It currently retails for $24.
+ The texture is wonderful.
+ The fragrance is 100% one of the best.
+ This moisturizer feels absolutely amazing and soothing on the skin. I really feel like it firmed my skin up and has been great for my skin and preventing any dryness amidst the winter.

I highly recommend this to everyone! Because of that Vitamin C, please remember to put on some sunscreen 🙂

I’m obsessed and am curious to try other Bliss products in the future.

This product is bliss.

May your skin and day/night shine on ✨

💛 Sylvia

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Review: Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Pro Collagen Brightening Moisturizer – JustviaSyl


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