Dim sum

Definition of dim sum brought to you by Wiktionary: "a Cantonese-style meal traditionally eaten in the morning or early afternoon, comprising of tea and food, typically placed in small steamer baskets or on small plates and often served from carts that move around from table to table in a restaurant. The food served at a dim sum meal typically include dumplings, seafood, and desserts." *If you'd like to read more, Wikipedia does a good job. _ The people closest to me know that dim sum was not particularly an all-time favorite of mine growing up. That has changed as of late. In

Networking doesn’t have to be scary

As I'm catching up with my "LIVE HAPPY" journal where I write at least one thing daily that made me smile, I can't help but stop and reflect on how great the past week has been (especially Pi Day, 3/14, and the day after, 3/15). Here's why: I realized that networking doesn't have to be scary, formal, or overwhelming. I don't need to be an extrovert or be free of social anxiety to be good at it. It doesn't have to be superficial. It also doesn't have to be called "networking". Until now, I've never been the largest fan of "networking events" as

I’m starting YouTube back up!

I decided to look my camera in the eyeballs and talked about some ways in which I motivate myself to let go a little bit, get out of my head and use that energy to better express myself instead (still learning!). I'm excited for this journey of creating more content and being the best that I can be and continue to learn, grow, reflect, express and share. Hope you enjoy, are able to take something away from this and leave any comments/questions you may have below. Thanks for watching/reading! ♡

Gratitude changes everything

A series of events like getting shingles half a year ago to seeing a scribbled poem I wrote last month on the train home describing how I feel lighter and more hopeful–to cleaning my bed shelves and reading old birthday and holiday cards three days ago - allowed me to come up with this quick blog post topic: gratitude. Holidays aren’t the jolliest or easiest of times for everyone. For some, it can be about Christmas lights, huge family get-togethers, gifts and shopping, while for others, it may include anxiety, depression, loss, and stress. We can get caught up with
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Two quick ways to better organize your Gmail inbox

While at work some time ago, I fooled around with Gmail after sending out some emails and discovered some cool things. If you like to keep your emails sorted and organized like me, you'll probably enjoy these two simple ways to keep your emails a bit more manageable. Stars I despise reading emails, finding out that I do not have enough information to answer the email just yet, but have it "read" in my inbox. For the longest time, I would either mark the email as "unread" to let myself know I have to tend to it soon or click
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