Queens International Night Market
47-01 111th St
Corona, NY 11368
Saturdays,  6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Hello, everyone! The Queens International Night Market began last summer and now they’re back for round two! I visited the Queens International Night Market for the fourth time (since last summer) last weekend and thought it would be nice to post about this in case anyone reading would like to give it a try tomorrow evening or the Saturdays to come if you’re near the area or don’t want to prep for dinner. This event began April 23rd and goes on until August 20th so do check it out!

The Queens International Night Market is a family-friendly night market in Queens, New York featuring 25+ independent vendors selling merchandise, art, and food. There are also small-scale performances and entertainment, all celebrating the rich cultural diversity and heritage of NYC and Queens.

It is a great experience because you get to see the majority of people there smiling, laughing, tapping their feet or moving their bodies to the live music performances, feeding each other and filling their bellies with a variety of food, taking photos, capturing this picture-perfect summer evening.

Here are some items I tried last Saturday and how I felt about them:

  1.   Jamaican BBQ jerk chicken with mild spicy sauce – It was flavorful- tasty. This also comes with some bread that taste surprisingly really good when you chase it with the sugar cane drink // $5
  2. Brazilian Style Steak Sandwich on a smoked chipotle cheese roll bun – Good stuff! And compared to many burgers priced at $9+?? ✓++  // $5
  3. Fresh sugar cane with lemon – Yum // $3
  4. Caribbean Shark sandwich – Wait, they exist? Yeah, and they taste like chicken // $5
  5.  Chicha Morada (sweet Peruvian beverage made from purple corn) – First time trying and it tastes better after the initial taste…I liked it nonetheless! // $3
  6. MaMa’s Squid skewer – This was literally like five or six pieces of squid and it was a bit salty like my mood when I saw what a ripoff it was // $5
  7. Filipino Chicken Adobo with rice and a spring roll combo – This was pretty good and filling (especially because the spring rolls’ sweet chili sauce is my fave)  // $6

Other vendors:

  • Karl’s Balls (Takoyaki) – there tends to always be a line
  • Completo NYC (Chilean Hot Dogs)
  • Shucos (Guatemalan Tacos & Hot Dogs)
  • HK Cart Noodles (Noodle Bar & Egg Waffles)
  • Hong Kong Street Food (Cantonese)
  • T-Swirl (Japanese Rice Flour Crepes)
  • Korgai (Thai Crispy Wings)
  • Hyonie’s (Korean Corndogs & Poutine)
  • Ceylon (Sri Lankan Snacks)
  • TwisterCake (Romanian-Hungarian Chimney Cake)
  • C Bao (Pork and Duck Buns)
  • Panda Cafe (Bubble Tea & Shaved Ice)
  • Roll Ram (Vietnamese Rolls & Banh Mi)
  • It’s Sarap! (Lumpia & Turon)
  • Empanada Shop (Empanadas & Papas Rellenas)

    See the upcoming vendors in full here .

* There are at least six porta-potties around and  washing stations with hand sanitizers
** Don’t forget to carry cash with you! Food and drinks are roughly between $2-$6
*** If you attract mosquitoes and bugs like I do, please dress well and have your skin covered because you don’t want to get three golf ball sized bites like I did…which now look like really painful bruises

Let me know if you do give it a try and what you think!

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