*I do not recommend resting your body on those pentagon-shaped foam seaters because they are very comfortable and you will want to stay there forever.

Blackbody Show Room
25 Greene St
New York, NY 10013                   Blackbody lights treeBlackbody

Blackbody Showroom is a beautiful French designer company with lighting installations and fixtures that offer the use of Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology that is long-lasting, glare-free and heat-free. The best thing is that this awe-inspiring exhibit is absolutely free and accessible to everyone!

P.S. to the left of the tree installation of lights, there’s interactive fun where you stand in line with a sensor by the wall, whereby each step you take brings the strip of lights above you to life! I had loads of fun trying to make a video with that one, but I came out a bit awkward and rather keep it for personal viewing.        Blackbody Show RoomBlackbody Show RoomBlackbody Show RoomThe lighting installations are lightweight, ultra-flat, and safe to look at and touch safely. Not to mention, enchanting and dreamy.               Blackbody Show RoommuralI snapped a photo of the captivating mural (right) and added it to my snapchat story and a few friends asked where this was. If you are near the neighborhood and/or are looking for something to do or a place to take pictures of, check this place out! 🙂

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