Welcome to Just via Syl, my (internet) home.

Hi! My friends and family know me as Sylvia. Nicknames aplenty: Syl, Sylvie, Syl-ly, Sylv/Sylvs, Sylvester, Yaya, Sylviahaha. I challenge you to give me a creative one (excluding “saliva”). I began this blog as a means to document my personal and professional development throughout adulthood and reflect on experiences to illustrate the importance of strategy and storytelling and importance of developing genuine, long-lasting connections/relationships to people and places. I’m deeply in love with learning and believe that when you stop learning, you stop growing.

I enjoy identifying and solving gaps between people, processes, and culture to make things more creative and efficient. When I’m not blogging, schooling, or working, I enjoy kickboxing, exploring new places and gaining new perspective and experiences, sipping on bubble tea, seeing/petting dogs and losing my cool, taking photos, curling up to a good book, letting my mind wander and write, and hanging by the edge of my seat catching up on shows. I also get incredibly excited over planners, stickers, good puns and dad jokes.

I hope that you are able to find something interesting, helpful, or new to take away with you. I welcome you to disagree with me. This is not an attitude, challenge or a dare…I really love hearing what you have to say. If you leave my blog feeling a bit more inspired, informed, curious, or empowered, then I have done what I have set out to do. Leave me a message to introduce yourself or connect with me via Instagram or Twitter– I want to be a resource to you and know what type of content you want to see more of. My story is still being written and really, thank you for being part of it 🙂


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