*I ventured outside on Wednesday, October 19th upon returning home from work early and captured the above photos. Aren’t they lovely? I also wrote a little something–enjoy and let me know what you think!

It’s spilled ink, it’s anticipation, it’s cool breezes and pressing leaves, it’s crispness, it’s hope, it’s lingering aromas.

It’s trying a pumpkin spice latte for the first time because you had called it basic before you even tried it (and then ended up liking it), it’s reunions, it’s swaying trees, branches, and twigs, it’s vibrant, it’s a reminder that things can fall and change, but they can be beautiful and greater after it all.

It’s giving, it’s effort, it’s appreciation, it’s patience.

It’s cozying up with hoodies, oversized sweaters, and soft scarves, it’s warm soups,  it’s potlucks, it’s transformation.

It’s nostalgia, it’s melancholia, it’s searching for a greater meaning.

It’s texts and calls from loved ones asking if you are okay because it’s pitch black outside, it’s nature, it’s photography, it’s creation.

It’s the season of decision and reflection.
Accept and forgive or stay bitter? 
Love or let go?
Sweater or coat? 
Coffee or tea?
Scary or sweet?

It’s opportunity, it’s realizing that the crunching leaves on the ground will become flowers six months from now,  it’s a chance to create something new for yourself.

It’s giving yourself space and chances to breathe and feel, accept and release, laugh and heal.

Autumn: where change is the only constant. And it’s golden.