I have been wanting to visit the Troll Museum for a while now since searching up things to do in NYC a month or two ago. Yesterday, I met up with my friend Yiqi for dinner and suggested us to do something after dinner since we both eat rather quickly. It was also then that I read up that Reverend Jen, the fabulous woman who opened the museum in her apartment on Orchard Street in 2000 was evicted from her apartment in 2016 after being unable to pay her rent due to extreme life circumstances. Luckily, kind folk at Chinatown Soup gallery graciously offered the Troll Museum a chance for a week-long pop-up exhibit from August 16 to August 23.

Guess where Sylvia and Yiqi went after dinner and a quick stop at Boba Guys and Starbucks? Yes, we (s)trolled to the Troll Museum. Despite drowning in what seemed like gallons of our own sweat, we had fun. The museum contains more trolls than you could ever imagine. There is plenty of paintings, artwork and of course, trolls! Everyone is in a splendid mood snapchatting, taking selfies, taking photos of the terrific trolls and artwork, and trying hard to ignore the sweltering heat.
Reverend Jen apparently starting collecting trolls when she was about 11 years old. Her first troll was Adrianna (named after a resemblance to her mother’s best friend).

“The one thing about Trolls: They’re always smiling. I don’t know of any grumpy Trolls.”
“They are little symbols of hope.”
— Rev. Jen Miller, on Troll dolls
(Covered by Circa article here.)

Elvis Presley troll edition
A painting possibly loved by many: “Ban Homework”.
Help keep downtown weird. Make the Lower East Side great again. Make a visit. Pay a toll to the trolls. (It’s free admission with a suggested donation of 3,000 USD.)

♡ Sylvia