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Central Park
New York, NY
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
(212) 310-6600

Central Park. So gorgeous and relaxing on a warm, sunny day like today. Green. Nature. Peace. You have people on horse carriages, people playing soccer, picnics, tanning, jogging and/or running, friends catching up with old or new friends and/or significant others, selfie-takers, wedding shoots, bicycle riding, cloud-watching, reading, dog-walking, children laughing, and then you have humans like me- people-watching. There’s so much to do here. Good for all age groups. Such a great escape from the usual hustling and bustling of the city. Central Park, it’s safe to say you have captured a large piece of my heart and are one of my absolute favorite places ever.

What’s one of your favorite places? And why?


  1. One of my favorite parks in the city is Greenacre Park. It’s a little lush oasis flanked by giant skyscrapers. It’s even got a waterfall whose rushing water drowns out the cacophony of the city. Perfect for a summer read. Don’t spread the word too much; it’s best kept secret.

    • YES! Nice hidden gem, huh? I think I passed by it twice before but never got to sit down and enjoy. Waterfall! I’ll be able to sit there for hours.

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